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Thank you for visiting. I am a software developer, specialized in the design and development of business applications. I began developing software in 1982. Since then, I've designed and written software that solved a variety of business problems for many industries.

I live in Plantation, FL with my wife, Lauren, and my mother-in-law, Jean. We are volunteer puppy raisers for CCI, an organization that trains and provides service dogs to disabled individuals at no cost. I play guitar and enjoy spending time with my family and freinds.

Recent Projects

MDG Advertising BBPilots.com This Site
Short-term project to create an ASP.NET web site used by one of MDG’s customers. The site allows authenticated users from athletic clubs request and schedule cleaning services for their facility. SQL Server, C#, WCF, ASP.NET web site, which I originally wrote in 2003. This site displays vessel schedule and other pertinent information related to the Port of Miami. ASP.NET MVC web site featuring my career and other personal information.
MDG Advertising BBPilots.com This Site

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